German Enterprise Team

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German Enterprise Team

The German Enterprise Team of the Mayur Batra Group is the ideal partner for German companies in UAE. We have a well-structured German team to serve our clients in UAE with precision and reliability. Our German Enterprise Team is led by partners who are engaged diligently in supporting our clients with their strong network and personalized approach. Furthermore, we guarantee German project management by permanent German employees on site.

Together with our local expertise, we offer the ideal package to make your UAE business a success – be it in dealing with authorities, cultural peculiarities or last but not least the diverse economic world of the subcontinent.

  • The tax laws in UAE are subject to strong change dynamics. Many issues need to be clarified in personal conversation. Our networking is of great advantage.
  • We help you with the complicated administrative processes of the UAE bureaucracy with which we have gained many years of experience.
  • As a member of BKR-International, one of the world’s ten largest independent accountancy and tax and business consultant associations, we offer you access to more than 160 independent tax and business consulting firms with more than 500 representative offices in more than 80 countries.


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