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Philippines Enterprise Team

The Republic of the Philippines is among the fastest growing economy in Asia. The economy remains vibrant and sustained in terms of GDP for 6 consecutive years. Where there is a huge possibility of business growth for locals and international considering the latest economic condition. Trade is significant for Philippine’s economy; the combined value of exports and imports equals 65 percent of the country’s GDP. On the other view Agriculture still holds a significant part of the economy, but industrial growth in such areas as electronics, apparel, and shipbuilding has been growing rapidly. Remittances from overseas workers are equivalent to nearly 10 percent GDP.

The Republic of the Philippines is also a home of diverse people of ethnicity, languages, traditions and prominently exporter of overseas workers across the globe. Because of good habits, Filipinos make one of the most admirable people and Philippines a great country.

The Philippines Enterprise Team of Mayur Batra Group is the ideal partner for your company’s growth. We have a dedicated and expert team who can give you advice on different Financial Services and Business Advisory to small, medium and large scale of businesses. We offer a comprehensive service that fulfills your business expansion requirements.


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